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Quality and sustainability- always our incentive.

“Assume responsibility”- in modern enterprises this includes more than assuming responsibility of the production. The companies' staff and the well-being of its clients are also key components of corporate responsibility, as well as the sustainable handling of natural resources from raw material to energy balance.

For Milchwerke Mittelelbe GmbH as a part of the Krüger Group this means starting at the very beginning: We support our raw material suppliers with fair market conditions and training courses. Furthermore we encourage them to produce more efficiently by putting more sustainable working measures into practice. This counts for our contractual suppliers of dairy farmers, but also for all farmers in cocoa plantations overseas.

In-house training courses and periodical examinations of quality management are further components counting for all work processes. Numerous certifications prove our high quality standards in all areas. The high demands of ourselves goes far beyond the standards required by law.

Also we set new benchmarks in sustainable energy generation: with our cogeneration unit we achieve the difficult balance of increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. Responsibility for quality and sustainability - a valuable combination, that matters to us.