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History of Milchwerke "Mittelelbe"

Milchwerke “Mittelelbe” GmbH as it is today developed itself through bundling expert knowledge from a former sugar factory founded more than 100 years ago. Discover the development of Milchwerke Mittelelbe and its impressive company history.


Everything started with a newly founded sugar factory in Stendal



Founded in 1949 VEB Dauermilchwerke Stendal was the largest producer of dry milk powder and baby food in the DDR and for many other soviet countries as well.



Since 1991 Milchwerke Mittelelbe form a part of the Krüger group. When Milchwerke Mittelelbe joined, entrepreneur Willibert Krüger gained a strategic function in the raw material indusytry as well as in the trade with valuable primary products.



Spray dryer 1 was installed.


Spray dryer 12 was installed.



With the new cold aseptic bottling plant still beverages can be bottled into different sized bottles.


The spray dryers 6,7 and 14 and the whole system for milk intake start operating.


Cogeneration units start operating and thus efficiency in power generating increases while emissions decrease.

Winning the Contracting Award 2012 as the best energy efficiency project throughout Germany.