Sustainable milk procurement

More and more people are interested in how sustainable milk is produced today. This is why Milchwerke Mittelelbe is participating in a national pilot program „Nachhaltigkeitsmodul Milch“. Supported by the German Ministry for food and agriculture, the goal of the program is to improve the animal welfare as well as a more and more sustainable dairy industry. 

To intensify our cooperation with our dairy farmers we have chosen to establish a new quality management focussing on every aspect related to the milk production. The key areas of focus are:

  • Animal welfare/ animal health
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Prevention of issues regarding the social sector
  • Consulting services for topics as production processes and technical procedures
  • Ressource-friendly nutrient and feed management 
  • 100% of all contracted farmers

    have participated in the program

  • More than 60% of the manure is fertilised by using

    technology to reduce emissions

    (rising tendency)

  • 92% of the farms have

    invested in modern dairy cattle farming

    over the last 5 years

  • 88% of the farmers provide their cows

    with access to a pasture

"Animal welfare and animal health are for us and our contracted farmer’s affairs of the heart and form the basis for operational success."

A. Ladewig
(Quality Management Milk)

  • 76% of the contracted farmers provide possibilities for coat care and 79% of the farms have stables with technical equipment for thermoregulation at the cow´s disposal.

    On top of that modern areas for movement and laying are provided as well as regular and professional claw care.

  • In 76% of the cases a weekly inspection of the vet takes place.

    In cases of illness all cows are generally treated individually and according to the specific cause.

"Only healthy animals are able to produce good and high quality milk."

G. Otto (Purchase - Milk)

  • 100% of all milk cows are kept in free movement stables to assure freedom of movement all year long.

  • 92% of the farms pay their employees

    average or higher than average payment

  • 52% of the farms

    cultivate about 45% of their grassland

  • 59% of the contracted farmers produce renewable energy either on their own premises or participate in such.

  • 39% of the farmers are active work-related and on a

    voluntary basis

    46% of them even outside of their job.

  • Over 50% of the contracted farmers have

    graduated with a higher degree.

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