Our business areas

Milchwerke "Mittelelbe" GmbH with its Elb-Milch brand specialises in the production of different kinds of milk powders, infant nutrition and ready-to-drink products. In addition, we also produce ready-to-use powders such as sweeteners and coffee whiteners and, depending on capacity, are able to take on contract drying projects.

Range of alternative products with plant-based raw materials and allergen-free products

Many years of experience in the development and processing of plant-based products have enabled us to expand our product portfolio to include customised dairy-free product solutions.

In addition to lactose-free and hyperallergenic products, we also produce individual combined dairy-free products based on plant proteins from soya, oats, hemp, almonds, peas and rice. This enables us to realise customised complete product solutions with interesting nutritional variations.

Plant-based – Ready-to-drink

A large number of ready-to-drink products are already available and on the market as plant-based alternatives. These are first and foremost protein drinks with fruit components and natural drinks based on oats, almonds and rice.

  • Vegan
  • Lactose-free
  • Protein
  • Energy
  • Functional

Plant-based – Ready-to-use powders

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we also produce vegan and lactose-free coffee whiteners, cappuccino frothers and various sugar alternatives.

Plant-based – Infant nutrition

This includes infant milk as an alternative to milk-based products and for allergen-free nutrition; these products are already available on a rice and soya basis.

Lactose-free – Milk & specialty dairy powders

Milk powders usually consist of milk components, but lactose-free or low-lactose variants of our standard milk powders are also available.